Program for Friday, May 7, 2021
The Seattle Recorder Society
Last updated on: April 27, 2021
Greetings everyone!

What a gift these consecutive cloudless days have been!  I cannot remember being able to see the mountains so clearly for so many days in a row.  I hope you all were able to reset and take it all in.  The photo below was taken by Bill during this time.

Well, we did it, we made it through a full season of remote playing sessions, and I think and hope you had a good time doing it!  There were surprisingly few glitches in retrospect.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for sticking with us and supporting us as we adapted and learned.  Your patience, encouragement and good-naturedness are what carried us through.

As of this writing the shape of next season has not yet solidified, but I promise to keep you all in the loop as soon as plans come into focus and become tangible. Until then.... Virtual Members’ Night, here we come!
From the Music Director - Vicki Boeckman:
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Membership Information:
Meeting Dates
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Members' Night
Online performances by SRS members

The Seattle Recorder Society will meet via ZOOM at 7:00 p.m.

Please contact for informatin about how to connect to the ZOOM meeting.
This website carries information about forthcoming meetings including the opening program and the music for the playing session.

There are no special musical requirements for joining the SRS. The level of skill necessary to play the music varies from meeting to meeting, and participants are free to play as much or as little as they care to.

Membership Dues are $40 for the year (September through August). We keep our dues low to be as inclusive as possible. Dues revenue only pays for half of our operating expenses. The membership form includes an opportunity for you to assist us as we provide a multifaceted program each year. SRS members have a history of generosity, and we appreciate your additional donations! 

You may either complete and submit the Membership form and dues payment online, or download the form and mail it along with a check.  Click on the link below for more information.

Seattle Recorder Society Membership form
If this is your first time participating in a virtual playing session, I would highly recommend taking the time to read this article: and to browse some of the helpful tutorials about Zoom in general that are on line. You do not need to have the Zoom app in order to participate, but the faster your Internet speed, the more pleasurable your experience will be. Dial-up does not prove to be very successful as far as I have heard.

Two to three days before the meeting members receive an email with a link to join the Zoom invitation along with pdfs and or other materials to print out for the playing session. It will be the same link each month. To protect everyone’s privacy we will not post this link publicly on our website, and we ask that you please not share it or forward it on to anyone unless previously OKed by a board member. During the session conductors will be sharing the materials on screen for you to follow along, so you don’t have to print out, but that is up to you. There will also be explicit instructions reminding you how to sign in.

Before the meeting you’ll want to make sure that you can sit in a way that you can comfortably see your computer screen or tablet and play your recorder at the same time! For best results, your device should be as close to your router as possible.
What you need to know about participation in our Zoom meetings:
May 7th is fast approaching, and with it, Members’ Night!  Although it will look different from our traditional format, it should be just as fun.  To make it happen, we need YOU!  All SRS and MBRS members are heartily invited to contribute in one of two ways: by submitting a video by April 25 or by performing live (over Zoom) in our May 7 virtual meeting, during which the videos and live performances will be interspersed.  Below you will find information about how to take part in Members’ Night, and please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.

General guidelines:
  • Any type of performance is welcome! Music, poetry, dance, magic tricks – whatever you like!
  • Performances should be no more than 5 minutes long
  • Deadline to submit videos or information about what you will perform to Miyo is Sunday, April 25

OPTION 1: Submit a video by April 25.

You can use a phone, tablet, or other recording device to record a video of your performance.  Generally using the video function in the camera app is sufficient, but you can also purchase an app such as Filmic to use on a smartphone.  Using the camera on the back of the phone is preferred (as in, not selfie mode), and you can either prop the phone/tablet up or use a tripod.  It’s a good idea to do a few tests before recording to make sure that you are in focus, that the lighting and sound are good, and that you don’t have anything in the shot that wasn’t supposed to be there.  If you can, please use landscape format.

To submit your video, you can send me a link at (if you have it stored in Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive, Dropbox, or similar cloud storage) or you can use WeTransfer by filling out the simple form and uploading your file here

OPTION 2: Perform live from your home during our May 7 meeting.

You can perform from the comfort of your own home!  You’ll need to make sure you have Original Sound enabled on Zoom so that we can all hear you, and you might want to experiment with different setups to make sure you can be seen and heard well.  You can simply open up the Zoom client and start a meeting to see what you will look like, and if you want to check your sound, you can try recording in the Zoom client and then listening back.  Another option is to enlist a friend to join a Zoom meeting with you to do a sound check.  I’m happy to help with this and can schedule a time during the week before in case anyone wants to do a test run.

Here are instructions for enabling Original Sound:

Here is information about how to record on Zoom:

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you need any moral support dealing with technology or ideas for how to set up for a recording or live performance!  I’m very happy to help and can’t wait to see what delights you all bring to Members’ Night this year!

Best wishes,

Miyo (she/her)

Members' Night: