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2020-2021 Dues and Newsletter Information

We try to keep Seattle Recorder Society affordable for everyone. Without charitable contributions the annual SRS budget calls for a deficit. Each year we have been able to help offset our deficit through Annual Giving. Here is an opportunity to meet that challenge again. We appreciate a contribution of any size. As has been our practice, all donations will be anonymous. Categories to consider:
The Seattle Recorder Society and The American Recorder Society, Inc. are both tax-exempt under IRS Code 501 (C) (3).  The EIN of the Seattle Recorder Society is 91-1043714.
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  • PRESS THE "Check Out" button in the Shopping Cart to pay via PayPal.

    NOTE: You can also adjust quantity and delete items after you have transferred to the PayPal website for payment.

  • If paying by credit card: select "Pay with a bank account, debit or credit card,..." option under "Choose a way to pay."
  • Select sub-tab with "Credit Card" on it.
  • Fill out the payment information.
  • Be certain to enter an email address for SRS notifications of newsletter publication.

    On the final "Review your information" page":
  • Under "Shipping Address": Check that your full name(s) and address are correct. (click the small "Change" links to correct)
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NOTE:  When checking out on PayPal, please remember to include your email address. The SRS newsletter is posted monthly on the SRS website ( E-mail is used to send members the current newsletter and to remind them of the upcoming meeting. Publishing electronically saves the organization considerable time and expense in printing and mailing.
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SRS Annual Membership Dues
  • Indicate number of individual memberships for which you are paying dues.
  • Please indicate what personal contact information you would like included in the SRS Membership Directory, which will only be emailed to dues paying members. 

  • Note that full addresses are not listed in the Directory, just City and State.


  • Enter ALL names of members paying dues
    as they should appear in Chapter directory.
    (separate multiple names with a comma)

  • Click the "Add to Cart:" button.

  • A separate tab or window should open displaying your Shopping Cart.

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Matching Employer
Select ARS Membership Level

ARS Member Name(s) (if different)
You may join or continue membership in the national American Recorder Society ( ARS) through the SRS.

Standard members receive a subscription to the quarterly American Recorder magazine; access to member profiles on the ARS website and to a PDF posting of the annual directory of membership listing contact information for all ARS members; the opportunity to vote for ARS board members and bylaw changes; eligibility for low-cost instrument insurance; monthly online newsletters of current recorder news; information and discount opportunities for recorder workshops throughout the world; the opportunity to network with recorder players from all over the US and internationally, including professionals, students, amateurs, and educators.

Electronic members DO NOT receive hard copy of the American Recorder magazine, Newsletter or Members' Library. The publications are available for download.

Student members receive the same benefits as standard members. To apply for this level, the member must be a full-time student at a qualified institution. We will contact you for corroborating proof that must be submitted with application.

Visit for more information about ARS membership offerings and categories.

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Use this page to pay your membership dues online.  You may print and use the PDF Membership Form if you prefer to pay by mail or in person.

Payment will be processed via the PayPal online payment system.  You may pay using either a credit card or your PayPal account.  You do not need to create a PayPal account if you want to pay using a credit card.

The 4-step process below allows you to
  • Pay your membership dues for the Seattle Recorder Society (SRS)
  • Donate additional funds to the SRS.
  • Pay dues for optional membership in the American Recorder Society (ARS)
  • Checkout and Pay

You may skip any of the steps not applicable for your transaction.
  • If you wish to make a donation, select the category of your donation level.
  • If your employer matches employee donations, please enter your employer's organizational name.
  • Click the "Add to Cart: button.
  • TIP: If you want to donate an amount not listed, enter multiple categories that add up to your desired amount.

  • Return to this page to continue.
    (TIP: Click "Continue Shopping" button)

For example:

   To donate $75.00:
  • Select $50, click "Add to Cart"
  • Return to this Step
  • Select $25, click "Add to Cart"
  • You should see 2 donation lines, one for $25 and one for $50 in your shopping cart

  To donate $200.00:
  • Select $100, click "Add to Cart"
  • Find donation line in Shopping Cart and change quantity from "1" to "2"
  • You should see  2 donation line for $100, indicated a quantity of "2" totaling $200
ARS Annual Membership Dues
  • Select your desired membership level. (see descriptions given below)
  • Enter name of ARS member, or combined names if joint membership.
  • Click the "Add to Cart: button.
  • Return to this page to continue with next step.
  • If paying dues for more than 1 membership, repeat above steps to add different member.
Last updated on: August 20, 2020