Program for Friday, November 3, 2017
The Seattle Recorder Society
Last updated on: October 25, 2017
The Seattle Recorder Society meets at 7:30 p.m. at
Maple Leaf Lutheran Church, 10005 32nd N.E., Seattle.
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No opening program - Group Playing

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Laura Faber, leading
Music will be provided
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From the Music Director
I was thrilled to read Joseph Lux Jr.'s informative article about Hans Poser and the “New Music” in the fall edition of the American Recorder magazine. The article celebrates the centennial of the birth of Poser and sheds light on his recorder quartets and his compositional techniques. If you happen to have the magazine, do take the time to read it, as it is quite fascinating. (Pages 24–26). For those of you who are not ARS members, no worries, I will read the relevant excerpts from it at our November playing session (but please do consider becoming a member). About his compositional techniques, Poser draws inspiration from Hindemith, Bartok and Stravinsky and writes that the New Music “shows intention aside from harmonic differentiation to discover the elementary strength of melody and rhythm”...

“The meter signifies the regular repeat of accents within a time frame and rhythm is the particular figure of movement superimposed on the meter. With an increasing number of equal values f. ex.: 2+3+4+5+6 eighths, we can speak of a metric crescendo or its opposite”.

Please do not fear if this seems too wordy and/or daunting. All will become clear with the music, which I promise will not be too difficult. We will play the Rends-burger Dances, Op 42, written in 1957. They were in part created during the East German Music Festival of 1957 in Rendsburg, Schleswig-Holstein, and can boast various performances including a live string performance on the West German Radio in December of 1957. A truly delightful collection of dances reflecting many moods and colors – in perfect harmony with autumn in the Pacific Northwest.

Recorder sizes from Soprano to Contra will be needed, and all sizes flutes or stringed instruments are most welcome.

Greetings everyone, can you believe it is almost November? I cannot, but the rain and climes in the 40s and the splendid fall colors are rather persistent reminders. I think we have finally made up for the summer drought and it is quite lovely to see green grasses again. As autumn takes a serious hold with shorter, darker, wetter days we have more opportunities to shift our focus to indoor activities, which means more time to gather round a fire, or space heater and jam with fellow music making buddies!
Time to Renew Your SRS Membership!

Our 2017-2018 membership year has begun with a full schedule of meetings and events that is not to be missed! Please take this time to renew your membership, which is still $40.

Membership applications are available online at the Seattle Recorder Society website: where you can also choose to pay by credit card. If you prefer to handle your payment by post, just mail your application to our treasurer, Richard Ginnis, at
4554 - 4th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98105.

Thank you!
Vicki Boeckman, conducting
The “New Music” of Hans Poser
All sizes of recorders (Soprano to Contrabass), flutes and viols are welcome
Recorder Orchestra of Puget Sound - Fall Concert

Sunday Nov. 19th, 2017, 3:00 pm
Music Center of the Northwest
901 N 96th St, Seattle, WA

Our Fall concert features Nordic Music.

  • Edvard Grieg (arr. Peter Seibert)  - From Holberg's Time
I.  Praeludium
III. Gavotte
V. Rigaudon
  • Jean Sibelius - Andante Festivo
  • Edvard Grieg -  from 25 Norweigian Folk Song and Dance Op.17
             5 Dance from Jolster - Jolstring
             4 Nils Tallefjorden - Nils Tallfjoren
           18 Pesant Dance - Stabbe Laaten
  • Edvard Grieg - Ave Maris Stella
  • Johan Helmich Roman - Bilägers musiken (Royal wedding music)
             1. Allegro assai
             3. Andante
           25. Spicco - Allegro da Capella