Program for Friday, November 6, 2020
The Seattle Recorder Society
Last updated on: November 28, 2020
Greetings dear ones,

Ready or not, round three of our virtual playing sessions is coming up just around the corner—but first we must get through the election. My heart seems to be pounding rather irregularly these days as the pressure mounts, but I am very hopeful. Brisk walking and marveling at the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the brilliant seasonal colors help im-measurably.

It was truly heartwarming that so many of you stayed online to talk and hang out after we completed our playing session last month. I find that socializing to be a very necessary element to all the virtual everything these days. Among other things, we talked about
From the Music Director - Vicki Boeckman:
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the pros and cons of the technology and commiserated with the few complaints that had to do with “page turning” and/or scrolling while screen sharing. We hear you and empathize, but due to the varying degrees of latency there is no way that it will ever be perfect or ‘just right’ right’ for everyone. Bearing that in mind we would like to ask everyone to please either print the materials and read off your own music stands or have them downloaded and saved to a separate device (that you read from). I understand if you are taking virtual classes round the clock and don’t want (or can’t afford the ink) to print reams and reams of music that you will never use again, but the experience will be much more enjoyable. We are willing to send out hard copies if you need them, or I can leave envelopes outside on my front porch for easy pick up. Please let me/us know if you need hard copies sent.

For our November virtual session Miyo will be leading the large group and I will be leading the Breakout room gang for those who prefer a slower pace and easier music. Our November meeting brings an exploration of original notation led by Miyo. But don’t panic! She assures us that all music will also be provided in a familiar, modern format, so playing from the original notation is completely optional. The meeting will start with a quick and basic field guide to music notation of the 16th and early 17th centuries and some simple warm-ups together before those joining the Breakout Room head off (virtually) with Vicki. In the main room, Miyo will lead members playing a 16th-century German song preserved in a handwritten manuscript, a charming frottola published by Petrucci, and a canzonet by Thomas Morley.

For the Breakout Room, I have chosen music from a collection found in the Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen called Dania Sonans. The collection boasts a wealth of 3, 4, and 5-part madrigals by young Danish composers who were sent to Italy to hone their compositional skills under the tutelage of the incomparable Giovanni Gabrieli. We will play some of my favorite 3-part madrigals by Truid Aagesen and Hans Brachrogge.

Please let us know ahead of time if you plan to play with the Breakout Room Gang so we can make those miraculous technical adjustments as seamless as possible during the meeting. Send an e-mail to either Vicki ( or Miyo ( to RSVP. If you forget to RSVP, you can let us know at the beginning of the meeting.

The link for our November meeting and pdfs of materials will be sent out on November 2. Look for a message with the subject LINK to SRS/MBRS November meeting. We are looking forward to seeing you again, and as always, please don’t hesitate to ask us questions. Don’t forget to keep checking web sites like ARS, SFEMS and Amherst regularly for other virtual playing opportunities as they are constantly adding new offerings. We will get through this.

Change of Board President

Due to ever mounting work responsibilities Janice Klain has requested to be relieved of her duties as president. In accordance with the bylaws, the board has approved that Virginia Felton will become the acting president for the remainder of this season and continue as president next season for what would be her normal term.

Thank you, Janice and Virginia!

The Seattle Recorder Society will meet via ZOOM at 7:00 p.m.

Please contact for information about how to connect to the ZOOM meeting.
This website carries information about forthcoming meetings including the opening program and the music for the playing session.

There are no special musical requirements for joining the SRS. The level of skill necessary to play the music varies from meeting to meeting, and participants are free to play as much or as little as they care to.

Membership Dues are $40 for the year (September through August). We keep our dues low to be as inclusive as possible. Dues revenue only pays for half of our operating expenses. The membership form includes an opportunity for you to assist us as we provide a multifaceted program each year. SRS members have a history of generosity, and we appreciate your additional donations! 

You may either complete and submit the Membership form and dues payment online, or download the form and mail it along with a check.  Click on the link below for more information.

Seattle Recorder Society Membership form
If this is your first time participating in a virtual playing session, I would highly recommend taking the time to read this article: and to browse some of the helpful tutorials about Zoom in general that are on line. You do not need to have the Zoom app in order to participate, but the faster your internet speed, the more pleasurable your experience will be. Dial-up does not prove to be very successful as far as I have heard.

Two to three days before the meeting members receive an email with a link to join the Zoom invitation along with pdfs and or other materials to print out for the playing session. It will be the same link each month. To protect everyone’s privacy we will not post this link publicly on our website, and we ask that you please not share it or forward it on to anyone unless previously OKed by a board member. During the session conductors will be sharing the materials on screen for you to follow along, so you don’t have to print out, but that is up to you. There will also be explicit instructions reminding you how to sign in.

Before the meeting you’ll want to make sure that you can sit in a way that you can comfortably see your computer screen or tablet and play your recorder at the same time! For best results, your device should be as close to your router as possible.
What you need to know about participation in our Zoom meetings:
Miyo Aoki, leading
Petrucci, Morley, and others
SATB Gb, Cb recorders
Breakout Room Gang:  Vicki Boeckman, leading
This is a great option for any-one who is less experienced or would like a slower pace. This month will feature the music of Aagesen and Brachrogge. Contact Miyo