Program for Friday, October 1 2021
The Seattle Recorder Society
Last updated on: September 30, 2021
Greetings dear members near and far,

Happy autumnal equinox and welcome back to our 2021/22 playing season. Huge thanks and gratitude to those of you who ventured out to attend our in-person concert on the stormy and wet Friday September 17. It was thrilling and heartwarming to see so many of you in the audience. The music and laughter are still resounding in my head.

As we gather our attention around the upcoming season we are still faced with questions and concerns about accommodating all our members. In the wake of our highly successful in-person Fall Fipple Flute Forum I am hopeful and encouraged that we will be able to resume in-person meetings safely, in addition to
From the Music Director - Vicki Boeckman:
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enabling the comfort and convenience of stay-at-home Zoom sessions. Offering simultaneous live and remote sessions will be new territory for us (me!) so we will undoubtably be asking for your patience and humor. We will only be on Zoom for our upcoming meeting on October 1 so look for a separate message with a Zoom link and pdfs. We will keep you posted about plans for the November 5 and subsequent meetings.
My plan for our October 1 Zoom session is to share some of the music from our renaissance set that we played at the September 17 concert. We’ll focus on 4- part secular works by Heinrich Isaac: Bruder Conrad, Fortuna Disperata, Ich stund an einem Morgen, and a jaunty tune by the infamous anonymous, Wohlauff gut gesell von hinen. Our friends at the Moss Bay Recorder Society will be co-sponsoring and joining this online meeting as they did last year.
I look forward to seeing you on October 1. May the remaining days of September’s glorious light fill you with strength, hope, and beauty.

Read the October Newsletter for more news and information.

Vicki Boeckman, conducting
The secular works of Heinrich Isaac
SATB Gb, Cb recorders
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The Seattle Recorder Society will meet via ZOOM at 7:00 p.m.

Please contact for information about how to connect to the ZOOM meeting.
This website carries information about forthcoming meetings including the opening program and the music for the playing session.

There are no special musical requirements for joining the SRS. The level of skill necessary to play the music varies from meeting to meeting, and participants are free to play as much or as little as they care to.

Membership Dues are $40 for the year (September through August). We keep our dues low to be as inclusive as possible. Dues revenue only pays for half of our operating expenses. The membership form includes an opportunity for you to assist us as we provide a multifaceted program each year. SRS members have a history of generosity, and we appreciate your additional donations! 

You may either complete and submit the Membership form and dues payment online, or download the form and mail it along with a check.  Click on the link below for more information.

Seattle Recorder Society Membership form
Beginning the first of November, Zoom customers will need to update their Zoom software as new versions are re-leased.

People using Zoom will be required to update so that their Zoom software is less than nine months old. If you have not updated, Zoom will inform you that it is time to update when you sign into a meeting.

You can check to see if you have the latest version of Zoom under your profile (often at the upper left or right of your screen. If you click on that, about two-thirds of the way down the menu you will find “Check for updates.” Click on that and you can see if you need to update, and be guided on how to do it.

If you want more guidance on this before our October Zoom meeting, give Virginia Felton a call at 206-979-7539 and she will walk you through it.

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