New Zealand-born harpsichordist Jonathan Oddie enjoys a varied career as a soloist, chamber musician, orchestral player and teacher.  Since moving to Seattle in 2014, he has appeared as a featured soloist with the Northwest Sinfonietta, Saratoga Orchestra, Whidbey Island Music Festival, and Salish Sea Early Music Festival, and performed with orchestras and ensembles including the Seattle Symphony, Pacific MusicWorks, Philharmonia Northwest, and the North Corner Chamber Orchestra.  He regularly coaches and accompanies ensembles for the annual Seattle Baroque Flute Summer Workshop, and has led the Pacific Northwest Viols in a play day focused on the music of John Coprario and Orlando Gibbons. 

Jonathan studied piano and harpsichord performance at Indiana University, where his teachers included Elisabeth Wright, Jean-Louis Haguenauer and Edmund Battersby.  He holds a doctorate in musicology from the University of Oxford, where he researched the instrumental music of Orlando Gibbons and its relationship to seventeenth-century theories of composition.  He has published articles and reviews in the journals Early Music and Historical Performance, and is the recipient of numerous awards including a Performer's Certificate from Indiana University and a Frank Huntington Beebe Fellowship

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Last updated on: February 15, 2019
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HARPSICHORD, Renton, Washington
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Class Comments:

This will be Jonathan’s first time teaching at PTEMW.

His lecture-demo on the fantasias of Orlando Gibbons at one of our SRS meetings was met with unanimous enthusiasm and left us all hungry for more. We are more than thrilled to have him on the team.
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Jonathan Oddie's Classes:

  • Strung with Heavenly Strings: Madrigals, motets and anthems of Orlando Gibbons
    Recorder and low viol players at the upper intermediate level
    If William Byrd is the Beethoven of Elizabethan and Jacobean England, Orlando Gibbons is its Schubert: the younger, less famous contemporary who composed works of exquisite lyricism, subtlety and refinement during his all-too-short lifetime.  Gibbons's first and only book of Madrigals and Motets (1612) develops Byrd's tradition of polyphonic song, mixing sweetness and melancholy in characteristically English manner. Come experience the expressive harmony and rich textures of the musician Joseph Kerman described as "the greatest English composer of his generation".

  • J. S. BACH'S "Straightforward Instruction": the Inventions and Sinfonias
    Advanced recorder players
    Bach composed the Inventions and Sinfonias to educate his son Wilhelm Friedemann both in keyboard playing and in composition.  The artful counterpoint of these pieces provides a unique window into Bach's compositional workshop, and their intricate lines sound just as good transcribed for recorder ensemble as they do on the keyboard.  Join us as we explore a selection of these miniature masterpieces, and marvel at the unparalleled skill with which Bach elaborates and transforms his musical ideas.