Ellen Seibert is a freelance viol player in Seattle with performances with the Accademia d’Amore workshops, St James Cathedral, the Medieval Women’s Choir, St Mark’s Choir, Our Lady of Fatima and Blessed Sacrament Churches.  She is a member of the Trinity Parish Consort and the New Baroque Orchestra.  She has taught many new viol players and regularly teaches beginning viol at the Port Townsend Early Music Workshop.  For seven years she co-taught beginning viol to cello and violin students at Roosevelt High School in Seattle. 

She has been a board member of the Seattle Recorder Society, leading viol ensembles at meetings in past years.   A founding board member and former president of Pacific Northwest Viols, Ellen has also served on the board of the Early Music Guild of Seattle and the Viola da Gamba Society of America.   She guarantees that beginners will enjoy the wonders of holding a beautiful instrument and drawing a bow across its strings and will play harmonious tunes by the end of the week.

Ellen Seibert's Class:

For Those Who want to Try out a Viol!
Everyone welcome
Take a chance on becoming the string player you always wanted to be.  Maybe you just want to see how others do it and have a trial run at it.   With frets on the fingerboard the expertise of being in tune comes much more quickly than on the violin. A social network of friends playing divine consort music on viols takes a nano second of training compared with our violin friends acquiring the skills for Mozart string quartets. You will hold a viol, pluck, bow, finger notes with your fret helpers and play tunes by the end of the week, guaranteed.   Viols will be provided. Class size linited to 8 players

Last updated on: January 24, 2019
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BEGINNING VIOL, Seattle, Washington
The Seattle Recorder Society
Port Townsend Early Music Workshop
Class Comments:

Ellen has been at PTEMW since its inception in 1983 and teaching a beginning viol class since 1997. It would simply not be the same without her!

“What a wonderful introduction to a beautiful instrument.”

“Ellen is the queen of patience and tolerance and such a good instructor!”

“Very informative and helpful – really knows the problems faced by beginners.”

”Lots of useful material and unending patience and encouragement. Thank you!”
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