Sören Sieg learned to play the recorder, violin, and piano as a child, and later the saxophone, trumpet, guitar, and drums. He studied music and sociology in Hamburg and Bielefeld and toured with his a cappella group LaLeLu through Germany, Switzerland and Austria for 18 years. He has raised three children, published eleven books, was the author of a newspaper column for many years and has recently written three plays for the theater.

Mr. Sieg started composing when he was five years old, but just recently, in 2016, made it his main profession. Since his first African Suite for recorder ensemble Djaboué was published in 1994, he has completed 28 other African Suites that are played all around the world. He has been commissioned to write for the Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet, the Flanders Recorder Quartet, Seldom Sene, the Boreas Quartet, I Flautisti, and Ensemble Pipelife among others. Two of his African Suites have been published by Moeck - Pina ya phala and Mavumo ya uana. He has been self-publishing since 2011 and has sold copies of his music in over 20 countries. He has taught at workshops in Germany, Switzerland, England, France and Taiwan. He lives as a composer and author in Hamburg, Germany.

Visit Sören's website at www.soerensieg.de/en/biography

Read interview with Sören from Serenade Magazine at
(includes several video performance of his music)
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Class Comments:

This will be Sören’s first time ever teaching in the United States and he is very excited to be here, as are we to have him on the team.

Recorder players all over the world are discovering his music - in part - thanks to the Flanders Quartet’s “Farewell Tour” and recent YouTube recordings.
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Watch a performance of Sören Sieg's composition "Yitsho, Yintoni ulonwabo," the first movement from his 16th African suite INXAXHEBA (2015), written for and performed by the Flanders Recorder Quartet with Saskia Coolen.
Sören Sieg's Classes:

  • Music from Africa and Beyond -  for Intermediate levels
  • Music from Africa and Beyond -  for Advanced levels
    Participants are asked to be secure on at least three sizes of the recorder family. Low recorders are particularly welcome!
    Sieg will dive into the sound universe of his works: Participants will experience the vibrant joy of major tonalities and derive pleasure from unusual rhythms and various meters. The music sings, dances and fits the timbre of the recorder like a glove. We will start with simple arrangements and rhythmical exercises to focus and get into the groove of the music. Then we will work on ensemble pieces and perhaps make a recording so that everyone can have a sound sample at the end of the week. There will also be pieces for voices (choir) combined with recorders.