Last updated on: June 14, 2021
Registration Guide
The Seattle Recorder Society
Port Townsend Early Music Workshop
The Port Townsend Early Music Workshop Registration
(a walk-through guide)

We've been getting a few questions about the registration process for our collaborative workshop with SFEMS.  We thought a step-by-step walk-through might be useful!

You can find more information about the Port Townsend classes by visiting and you can reach me with questions at

Visit SFEMS to find the full list of classes.  This list includes both SFEMS and PT classes and you are welcome to choose from both.

We encourage you to print this guide to make your enrollment process easier.

To find and purchase your classes:

The first thing to figure out is: do you have an email login and password for SFEMS? You'll need one before you register.

If you don't have one, follow steps 1 - 5 below, choosing one class. It will take you to the screen where you can create your login. DO NOT PAY AT THIS POINT.

Once you are logged in, start over and follow steps 1 - 5 below to select (for real) as many classes as you wish and continue on to payment. The email you supply for the login is how SFEMS will reach you to send your purchase receipt and connect you with the zoom link and the link to the course materials, so this step is very important.

Step 1. Go to  Click on Classes/workshops.
In the drop-down menu, click on Summer 2021 Virtual Extravaganza.

Step 2. Read the information on that page, and then click on "Enroll Now." That will open the list of classes. Both SFEMS and PT offer a wonderful array of classes and you are welcome and encouraged to select from the whole list. PT classes have a green heading that says "Port Townsend Presents."

Step 3. When you find a class you want to take, click on "Purchase."  A page will open with information about the class.  There will be a red link with the date and time of the class.
Click on that link.

Step 4. Enter the number of people you are registering for that class, and then click on "Continue."

Step 5.  Your "Shopping Cart" will open. The class you chose will appear on the left side, and payment options will appear on the right side.


Do you want to purchase more classes? Look back at the left side of your screen.  Below the shopping cart is a button that says "Continue Shopping."

Click on the "continue shopping" button to return to the list of classes.

Repeat Steps 3 - 5 until your shopping cart contains all
the classes you want to purchase.

Then look to the right half of that screen and follow the usual payment process for ordering online.

After you check out, SFEMS will send you a receipt and instructions for accessing course materials.