Last updated on: November 14, 2017
Comments from previous workshops at UPS:

  • "This was my 2nd time and I look forward to many more. The campus setting is perfect; good sleeping arrangements, tasty and nutritious food, classes fairly close to dorms, and a beautiful campus”.
  • "I liked this campus, and the proximity to town, health food, museums, and natural beauty."
  • “Loved the facilities and appearance of the campus.”
  • “UPS has excellent facilities & a very attractive campus.”
  • “The Chapel at UPS – wonderful!  Campus is lovely.”
  • “It was a high quality dorm room – the suite arrangement was very nice – privacy plus an informal community.”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the stroll through the beautiful grounds.”
  • “Great venue. Very accessible campus. Easy to transport self and instruments”
  • “It was so easy to get to and from SeaTac.”
  • “Classrooms are great and open parking wonderful since I needed to drive rather than walk to building across campus.”

“I love this facility. It is modern and comfortable in a beautiful surrounding with wonderful food. I wouldn't change a thing”.

The Seattle Recorder Society
Port Townsend Early Music Workshop
The beautiful campus of the University of Puget Sound is situated some 50 miles south of Seattle, in the city of Tacoma.  Founded in 1888, the campus’s traditional brick architecture and park-like setting provide a gracious location for a residential workshop. It is close to Puget Sound at nearby Point Defiance State Park, and to the southeast, one can make an easy day trip to spectacular Mount Rainier.

Famous for its variety of offerings, the city of Tacoma offers hours of sightseeing as well as shops, galleries, restaurants, and museums, including the Washington State History Museum, the Museum of Glass, and the new LeMay – America’s Car Museum

The Port Townsend Early Music Workshop is based in Trimble Hall, one of the University’s student residence halls.  Participants stay in comfortable single rooms grouped into small units sharing bath and common rooms.  Free Wi-Fi is provided.  Each floor also has rooms that can be used as classrooms or rehearsal rooms.

Nearby are more classrooms and attractive dining facilities including a coffee shop, which serves espresso drinks, ice cream, sandwiches and salads.  Large open green spaces, wooded walks, and many interesting campus buildings surround Trimble Hall.  The University's athletic facilities, including a tennis pavilion a swimming pool, are also open to workshop participants.  Workshop concerts are held in the beautiful Killworth Memorial Chapel.

The Setting