Virtual Monthly Meeting Instructions

Meetings usually run from 7:00-9:00pm PST.  Every meeting features a Large Playing Group, and most offer the smaller Breakout Room Gang for less experienced ensemble players.

If you are new to virtual playing meetings, these instructions should help you get started.
The Seattle Recorder Society
Last updated on: November 28, 2020
Our virtual meetings are conducted over Zoom. You do not need to have the Zoom app in order to participate.

If this is your first time participating in a virtual playing session, I would highly recommend taking the time to read this article: ARS Guidelines for Zoom Participation and to browse some of the helpful tutorials about Zoom in general that are on line.

Your Invitation
You must be a member of the SRS or purchased a Visitor Meeting Pass to receive the private, secure invitation. To protect everyone’s privacy we will not post this link publicly on our website, and we ask that you please not share it or forward it on to anyone unless previously OKed by a board member. We recommend that you sign up as early as possible [ALT: We recommend that you sign up early in the week of the meeting], The deadline for registration is 7:00pm PST the day before the meeting. Please note that we cannot accept late registrations.

Normally meeting members will receive an email on the Monday prior to the Friday meeting with a link to join the Zoom invitation along with PDF files of the music.  Look for a message with the subject “LINK to SRS/MBRS [month] meeting."  Print the PDF files for the playing group you plan to attend.

If you have not received your invitation by the day of the meeting, please contact Vicki Boeckman ASAP at 206-985-9916 (please leave a message!) or via email:
Setting up for the Meeting
  • Before the meeting, make sure you can sit in a way that you can comfortably see your computer screen or tablet and play your recorder at the same time!
  • Ensure you have everything you need close at hand: music, instruments, water, etc.
  • You may wear headphones for better sound but this is not necessary.
  • For best results when connected via WiFi, your device should be as close to your wireless
    router as possible.

Enter the Meeting
  • 5-10 minutes before the meeting starts, open the meeting invitation email and click on the Zoom meeting link.
  • If prompted, please enter your name if necessary so we know who you are.
  • You will be taken to a 'waiting room' and then admitted.
  • Please turn on your microphone and video camera in Zoom so we can great you 

During the Meeting
  • Your microphone will be muted, which means no one, not even the leader, is able to hear you -- so please feel free to take risks!
  • You may use Zoom’s typed chat function to ask the leader questions.
  • You may turn your camera off.
  • You may leave the meeting at any time.
  • At the end of the playing session please feel free to unmute your microphone and participate in after-meeting socializing.
  • At the end of the evening, the leader terminates the Zoom meeting; there is no need to do
    anything on your end.

Please allow yourself ample time to get set up so you can be relaxed and enjoy the evening. We look forward to playing with you!

If you have not received your invitation by the day of the meeting, please contact Vicki Boeckman ASAP at 206-985-9916 (please leave a message!) or via email: