Are you willing to help SRS with an occasional task? We are looking for volunteers – just one per month, September through May – to write the newsletter article describing that month’s playing session. Assigning that task to the Secretary on an on-going basis makes that job burdensome for a single volunteer. The  Board  has decided to reassign the writing of the article, currently called Da Capo, from the Secretary to a group of volunteers.

The target audience for the Da Capo article consists of members who were not able to participate for any reason and wonder what they missed. It also serves as advertising on our website for potential new members as we show them how we spend our Friday evenings. Some members report that they enjoy “reliving” the experience through a lively write-up.

There’s no need to follow anyone else’s style – you’ll be encouraged to write in your own way about the music that was played, what you learned, etc. You can do this while  attending in person or on Zoom. No experience is necessary, and proofreaders are standing by! If you have questions and/or are ready to say “Sure, I’d love to help out!” please contact Virginia Felton or Evy Dudey.