The grand finale to Seattle Recorder Society’s 2022-2023 season was an enjoyable, varied, and well attended Members’ Night in the sanctuary at Maple Leaf Lutheran Church. SRS Music Director Vicki Boeckman and President Laura Townsend welcomed the audience – in person and on Zoom – and noted that some people have never played at a Members’ Night before, some were new to the recorder, and others were seasoned players.

Rockin’ Recorder Revival

Emerging Stars

President Elect Dave Gloger, our organizer and emcee for the event, began by introducing the Rockin’ Recorder Revival, consisting of five of Vicki’s young students. They serenaded us with music from the 1300’s, O Virgo Spendens and Salterello (both by the prolific composer Anonymous), and music from ….this year (!) composed specifically for his ensemble mates by the quintet’s own David Brown (b. 2011), Adagio from Winter Wind.

Twenty-One Acts

The evening progressed with music new and old: 16th century (G.P. da Palestrina), 17th century (Andrea Falconieri, Johann Petz, Thomas Greaves, Thomas Weelkes), 18th century (Roberto Valentino, Francesco Mancini), 19th century (Sebastian de Yradier), 20th century (Claude Debussy, Hans Ulrich Staeps, Walter Roehr),  and currently living composers (Lance Eccles, Sarah Riskind, Raphael Meyer). The audience also enjoyed pieces by Handel and Bach arranged by our own David Bowen -where he played the violin and organ parts, and a harp piece written and performed by member Jack O’Neill. Besides harp, organ, and violin the audience was also treated to the beautiful sounds of harpsichord, piano, cello, transverse flute, and of course, many sizes of Baroque and Renaissance recorders. Outfits ranged from a trio of matching red shirts/blue jeans/black shoes/grey hair to a quintet of whimsical beetles and bumble bees that buzzed with energy. Dave introduced the final Klezmer pieces, “in slow and fast tempos, most often played at joyous occasions”: how very fitting, as this year’s Members’ Night most certainly was a joyous occasion!

Two Tiers, with Karen Soma and Dave Gloger accompanied by Vicki Boeckman, played Petz’ Bouree-Adagio-Intrade from Sonata in C Major.

The Woodland Concert, with Jeffery Jacobsen, Cathy Lacefield, Ellis Hillinger and Susie Keithly, played Valentino’s Sonata X, Vous perdez temps (Anon.), and Falconieri’s Passacalle.

Maple accompanied by Nancy Bent played Roehr’s Allegro-Andante-Presto from Sonatina.

The Winds of Wednesday, with Claire Sullivan, Kay Norton, Michael Collins, Deirdre Cochran, Karen Soma, Mike Woolf, Ione Turman and Kathy Graunke led by Laura Townsend, played Linstead Market (traditional).

Duo Eponymous Bosch, with Virginia Felton and Jack O’Neill, played Staeps’ #9 from Reihe kleiner Duette and Kanon by Obrecht. .

David accompanied by Vicki Boeckmann played Mancini’s Spiritoso/Largo-Allegro spiccato from Sonata in A minor.

Sound Travels, with Molly Warner, David Bowen and Chris Zaleski, played Handel’s Sono liete fortunate and a Bach Allegro, both arranged by David.

Winds and Jueves (a.k.a. The Remains of Thors Day), with Karen Soma, Dave Gloger and Mary Ann Clymer, played Carmela (trad.) and Yradier’s La Paloma.

Quintessence, with Vicki Boeckmann, Laura Townsend, Mike Woolf and Silke Harper, played Palestrina’s Sicut cervus desiderat ad fontes.

David Bowen and Chris Zaleski played Nun danket all and Cwm Rhondda, both arranged by David.

Jack O’Neill composed and played For Agnes on his harp, and played Staloch’s Canarie 1.

The Byrds and the Beetles, with Laura Townsend, Luke Hartley, Mike Woolf, Maja Eberhardt and Nancy Bent, played Eccles’ Procession of Beautiful Ladies and Bees and Beetles in the Garden.

John Mettler played Debussy’s Syrinx for solo flute.

Nancy Bent and Sam Bent accompanied by Laura Ouimette played Riskind’s Prelude and Fugue for recorder, cello and piano.

The Green Leaf Players, with Virginia Felton, Mike Woolf, Evy Dudey, John Mettler and Jack O’Neill, played Greaves’ Come away sweet love and Weelkes’ Say, Dainty Dames.

Laura Townsend and Mike Woolf played Meyer’s Ouverture – Vivace from Kanons No.1 and 2.

The Ravenna Consort, with Hanan Bell, Judy Barton, Katie Sprugel, Jack O’Neill and Doug Sprugel, played Eccles’ Venus’ Silk Stockings – The Boots of Mars from The Planets’ Feet.

The Two Spice Girls, with Nancy Gorbman and Cathy Lacefield, played Klezmer dances Dem Trisker Rebn Khusid.

From the program

“Many thanks to all the performers who have shared their music so generously with us tonight, to the members of Seattle Recorder Society who have found even more new ways of making music together over the past year, to all our audience in person and online. We deeply appreciate your support, enthusiasm and encouragement!”

See you in Tacoma at the Port Townsend Workshop,

Evy Dudey, Secretary