The music for the March 1 meeting is all drawn from the Nineteenth Century.  As recorder players, we usually look to the eras of the Baroque and before, or the Twentieth Century, for our music.  There is an interesting world of Nineteenth Century music, mostly written for vocal ensembles, that works well for us; it gives us an opportunity to luxuriate in the close harmonies of that era. Because this is music from an era when all keys were considered equal, we will be playing in tonalities that are not as familiar to us. Fear not!

When I assemble music for such playing sessions, I try to have everyone work from scores. In this way we can all watch the other parts around us so that we are aware of the notes that others are playing. Also, when one line works on details of their part alone, the other voices can see what is going on and apply the comments to their part as well, where appropriate.

I look forward to working with you. The music will be available on the website on Monday, February 26. Please email me at if you would like me to bring printed copies to the playing session for you. See you soon.