Members’ Night is quickly approaching on Friday, May 12.  Please note that like the April meeting, we are meeting on the second Friday of the month.  We have a large and varied group of performers all set for this fabulous night of music.  While we’re looking forward to a nice in-person attendance, there will also be a Zoom option for people to watch from home.

Please be aware that there is just a single restroom that we have access to use.  At last year’s Members’ Night, the intermission lasted close to 30 minutes because the long line for the use of the facility.  So I want to encourage in-person attendees to take whatever action they can to minimize the need for a long intermission due to bathroom usage; for example, feel free to use the facility between performers rather than wait for intermission.  Thanks.

COVID numbers have certainly decreased but we are still requiring masks at the church.  Performers may remove their masks only while performing; all others should keep their masks on at all times.

If you have any questions, please contact Dave Gloger at