Music of Mogens Pedersøn and Johann Heinrich Schmelzer

SRS Playing Session October 6, 2023 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Faith Lutheran Church

Below are the PDFs for our playing session on Friday October 6 at our new location – Faith Lutheran Church – 8208 18th Ave NE. Quickest access to our space is through the back door in the alley between 18th and 19th avenues – look for the Wedgwood cooperative school sign. Remember to bring an extra layer for your comfort as the door will remain open.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, and please remember to let me know if you need hard copies brought and for what size(s).

See you soon!


Zoom link for October 6 meeting at 19:00 Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 626 489 2420
Passcode: 440

3 and 5 part madrigals by Mogens Pedersøn. We will work on emulating a vocal style with subtleties in tone and articulation. Please take a moment to look over your parts and mark in breath marks and commas wherever there is punctuation in the text.

Non Fuggir SCORE – 2 pages canto 1 and canto 2 sound best on tenors, but a couple of sopranos are ok for added color.

L’amara di partita SCORE – 2 pages Same instruction as for Non Fuggir.

Se nel Partire SCORE – 4 pages or PARTS – 1 page each.
Choose a part before printing.

  • Canto = soprano
  • Quinto = either soprano or Alto reading up
  • Alto = either alto or tenor
  • Tenore = tenor
  • Basso = F bass

Si Ridi et Scherzo SCORE – 4 pages or PARTS – 1 page each.
Choose a part before printing.

Schmelzer Sonata for 7 Flauti – Pick a part and have fun! All parts are 1 page each. We’ll work through the three sections carefully before putting it all together.  Attaching the beautifully written and well-preserved facsimile for those who want to take the plunge! Note the bar lines are little wisps at the bottom and not fully drawn lines. If you choose to play off the facsimile, please print the modern edition as well for reference

Non Fuggir

Flee not! Oh Flee not! For you take the heart of your faithful shepherd.
Stop! Just one kiss will be my revenge.

L’amara di partita

The bitter parting makes me weep and sigh, and if the dear return does not at once sweeten the bitter tears then you will see my great burning fire sparkle.

Se nel partir da voi

If by leaving you, my dear, I feel torment and pain, I will be exalted a thousand times at the day of my happy return. If without you, my sweetest heart, I live no more, then I will live singing of my life the whole day.

Si rido et scherzo

If I laugh and joke and sometimes sing, then I do it, oh lady, to hide for others my great sorrow devouring my heart. What shall I do? what is your advice, Cupid, to put an end to my great pain?