Covid protocols

We offer both in-person meetings at Maple Leaf Lutheran Church and Zoom meetings during which participants see the conductor and play along with those in the ensemble at Maple Leaf Church.

If you have Covid now or recently tested positive

With an active Covid case or recent infection, we ask that you use the Zoom option from home. Once you are ten days past initial infection AND test negative, you are welcome to join in person.

If you want to join the in-person ensemble

  • Send an email to the music director ( with your intent to come.  Please specify your preferred part(s) so we can ensure all parts are covered.
  • Backroom Gang participants, please send an email to Laura Townsend ( to sign up.
  • Bring a mask to wear when we are not playing.
  • No food is allowed, but a water bottle is OK.
  • No blowing mouthpiece condensation outward, “sucking” is OK!
  • Proof of vaccination is required (either email an image of your card to Vicki or show it at the door), the first time you attend in-person.
  • We prefer that you have also received a booster, but we do not require it.

You will receive the music via email in advance of the meeting.

If you want to join the Zoom session

You will receive the music via email in advance of the meeting, along with the Zoom link. Or you can pick up your music at Vicki’s house by emailing her in advance.