Seattle-area events and organizations

The following local organizations present concerts and workshops that sometimes include recorders.

Recorder teachers

Recorder teachers listed here are all expert musicians who share a passion for helping others learn to play the recorder or improve their playing skills. Click on any name below to learn more.

Vicki Boeckman (NE Seattle and Online)

Adult lessons for intermediate and above levels
Children at any level
Ensemble coaching (recorders or other instruments)
Remote lessons (Zoom or Facetime) by agreement

Miyo Aoki (Online)

Lessons for beginning and intermediate students via Zoom

Laura Townsend (NE Seattle and Online)

Beginning and intermediate students of all ages
Weekly recorder ensembles, advanced beginner to intermediate
All-levels bass ensemble

Sabine Endrigkeit (Seattle)

Beginning to intermediate students of all ages
206-334 6392

The American Recorder Society (under their Resources menu) offers an extensive list of online recorder teachers from around the country, including FREE classes for beginners.

Early music organizations

Sources for recorder music

Many of the pieces written specifically for recorder were composed in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, and are available at no- or low-cost online. Many local music stores have a small selection of recorder music; however, vendors specializing in recorder music will likely have a deeper selection. Some contemporary composers of recorder music make their compositions available through the internet as well. The American Recorder Society has an extensive collection of downloadable music for members of the society, including play-along files for learning.

Music stores and internet collections

Sources for music by contemporary composers and arrangers for the recorder

General internet resources

Purchasing a recorder

If you are new to playing the recorder, a recorder teacher can help you with choosing a recorder suitable to your skill level and preferences. Or you could ask a more experienced member of the Seattle Recorder Society for advice. You may also find helpful advice on the American Recorder Society website. The following music stores are experienced in selling recorders of all sizes.