Seattle Recorder Society has begun the process of donating a collection of SRS historical materials to the Special Collections section of the  University of Washington Libraries. The collection will span the past 50 years of SRS and can include all types of materials including board minutes, documents, programs, posters and advertising, newsletters, newspaper articles, and more.

This collection will create a record of SRS’ history and influence, accessible by students and researchers, and preserved for the future in a climate- and humidity-controlled environment. Physical materials will be gathered from contributors, collated and delivered in person to the curator of the UW Special Collections. Electronic materials can also be contributed to the collection; among other things, scans could be made of treasured photos or documents so the originals could be kept at home.

This project will be led by Aly Gardner-Shelby, past-president of Early Music Seattle (EMS) and current SRS member. Aly has successfully completed a simmilar archival project for EMS. Thus, her experience will be invaluable as she leads us through a similar project for SRS.

If you have any information that you feel would be appropriate for the archives of SRS, please contact Aly at