Seattle Recorder Society is taking a step forward technologically as we launch a new website and a new e-version of our newsletter. This month you will still have access to the familiar PDF version of our newsletter. Starting next month, however, the usual SRS news will be available both in your email and on the website, but the PDF/print version will sunset. For members without email, we will continue our commitment to sending them a printed/mailed copy.

Several forces converged to get the ball rolling on this project. Charles Coldwell, our webmaster for more than 15 years, has been ready to step down for some time. Plus, the platform on which our website was built (Homestead) is not commonly in use and is difficult for folks to learn. At the same time, as I completed my term as SRS president, I was looking around for a new project, and decided to put my website production experience to use on behalf of our organization. Working with members of the board and others (including a paid web designer/programmer) we established a goal of creating a new website that provided the information necessary for people to get involved without getting overly complex on the technology side.

You will find that the new site has nearly all of the information and features of the previous one, and the web address is the same ( It has many more pictures (mostly courtesy of Bill Stickney) and an updated look and feel. Here’s a brief introduction to the new site (Each of the subheads is a link to that section of the site.)


You will find our familiar logo below a picture of the Recorder Orchestra of Puget Sound (hopeful thinking!). This page includes basic information about our organization plus a navigation menu.
You’ll also find three summaries on this page – the Music Director’s message from the newsletter, the date and time of our next meeting, and a link to upcoming concerts and events. These will be automatically updated each month as the newsletter is posted.The footer area on this page (and repeated on every page) contains information on our meeting location, our mailing address and an inclusive invitation for people to join us. From any page on the site, just click on “Seattle Recorder Society” in the upper left corner to come back to the home page.

Meetings & Members

One this page you’ll find everything you need to know about SRS meetings along with information on how to join. Note that you will no longer be able to sign up for or renew your American Recorder Society membership on the SRS website, but we have provided an easy link on this page to the ARS website for that purpose. If you are not already an ARS member, remember that your first year of ARS membership is offered at a 50 percent discount.

Recorder Notes

This is where you’ll find the news that makes up the newsletter (and archived past newsletters).

Workshops Plus

This page provides information on our two regular workshops (Port Townsend Early Music Workshop and the Fall Fipple Flute Forum), the Recorder Orchestra of Puget Sound, and occasionally links to information about other local workshops. This information will be updated regularly as the workshop dates approach.


Here you will find a compendium of useful links—information on recorder teachers in the area, other early music organizations, sources for music and for instruments. If you know of a resource that we’ve missed, please let me know.


On this page you will find nitty-gritty information about Seattle Recorder Society—our organizational goals (from our bylaws), our IRS Tax ID number, and a list of our board members. There is also a “Contact Us” form on this page that anyone can use for posing a question. (The little math problem included at the bottom of the form is so that you can demonstrate that you are a real human being and not a nasty bot.)


Here’s where you can go to keep your dues up to date, add an additional donation, and let us know if your roster in-formation needs updating. You can make your donations online, or make your donation by writing a check and mailing it in.


This has been a very enjoyable volunteer project for me because I have had enthusiastic help and advice from some great people. Several board members let me bounce ideas off them whenever I needed advice, they beta tested the site and helped me figure out the technology when needed.

I particularly want to thank Charles Coldwell who has served as our web administrator so diligently for many years. Charles really hung in there with me as we tackled transition issues together. Other stalwart contributors to the pro-ect included Vicki Boeckman, Laura Townsend, Mike Woolf, Ingrid Vrooman, Richard Ginnis, Hanan Bell, Dave Gloger, Molly Warner, Ellis Hillinger, and Evy Dudey. Finally, I offer kudos to Sheila Hoffman, my working partner who came out of retirement for a very reasonable fee to provide us with the necessary graphic design and web programming services.

As part of this technology transition Lyz Lidell will be taking responsibility for posting to our SRS Facebook page—feel free to send her tidbits for inclusion.

Let me know if you have comments, suggestions or questions about the new site.