Greetings everyone,

How thrilling it was to hear and read about January’s delightful playing session under Charles Coldwell’s skilled direction. I was so pleased that we managed to snag him before he dashed off for several months to warmer climes in Hawaii! Speaking of snagging… the catch of the year is unquestionably Sarah Jeffery of TEAM RECORDER who will be spending an evening with us in person, here in Seattle, on Monday, March 25 in our very own Faith Lutheran Church! Do yourselves a favor and mark your calendars now! No matter what she does is bound to be highly entertaining and informative. The evening will start with a one-hour playing session for kids from 5:00 – 6:00 pm, then Sarah will give a 45-minute solo performance, followed by a playing session for adults. Check out the full description here.

While I have your attention, here is a blatant plug for a concert that I will be doing coming right up on Sunday, January 28 at 3:00 pm at Music Center of the Northwest. Please join me for the premiere of a concerto for alto recorder and orchestra dedicated to me by a dear friend and incredible local composer, Dell Wade. The orchestra is comprised of a group of amateur string players on a project basis called Haydn and Beyond that Dell started a few years ago. Haydn and Beyond enables string players of all ages and abilities to collaborate on a project by project basis. The concerto is a complex fusion of jazz, classical, and romantic styles – a veritable glimpse into Dell’s head! He has written 14 symphonies and countless chamber pieces, and I am honored that this one is dedicated to me. The concert on January 28 is free of charge and will last about 30 minutes. Reception immediately following.

And now – on to actual SRS business…

For our February meeting I have chosen works by composers who have anniversaries in 2024. We will celebrate the 450th anniversary of the birth of James Wilbye by playing three short works from his First Set of Madrigals for 3 – 6 Voices from 1598, followed by the celebration of the 350th anniversary of the birth of Jeremiah Clarke who wrote the inimitable Prince of Denmark’s March from 1669 (attributed to Prince George of Denmark, who was husband to Queen Anne of Great Britain), and finally we’ll celebrate the 100th year of the death of Gabriel Fauré by playing his stunning Pavane Opus 50, deliciously transcribed for 6 recorders by Christian Mondrup (of Denmark). This gorgeous work, composed in 1887, was first conceived for piano but reworked for orchestra and premiered in Paris in 1888. It quickly became one of the composer’s most popular works. Pdfs will be made available on Monday, January 29th. As usual please let me know if you need hard copies provided.

I look forward to an evening of lovely music-making with you all. Remember to wear warm clothing!