Greetings everyone,

Is it just my perception or has this autumn been particularly stunning and colorful? Even if I only have a few brief moments to quickly walk around the block, I’m grabbing any opportunity I can to get outside (between torrential downpours) to appreciate the beauty of the light and the brilliant blue sky. As we head into the end of the year with holidays inching closer there is a palpable energetic shift and myriad emotions seem to be swirling around in all of us. Reflections, memories, and hopes bring smiles, tears, and affirmations as they come to the surface.

There is much to be thankful for despite the injustices we see around us, but I believe if we seek out and embrace whatever lights us up and gives us joy, that in turn will send rings of light and joy out into the world. Playing music gives such joy, and ancient practices have for centuries used different pitches and frequencies for healing or awakening the spirit. Imagine how incredible it would be if there could be a moment where everyone on the planet could hum or play the vibration that removes negative energy!

I feel so grateful and privileged that I am still able to do what I believe I was put here to do – perform and teach and connect with people in meaningful ways. After the rather bleak and uncertain pandemic years I am especially thankful that our amazing recorder community and early music communities are still standing strong. So, thank you one and all— members, board members and volunteers past and present— for helping to bring us to where we are today.

On that note, it gives me great pleasure to invite our founding director and director emeritus Peter Seibert to lead you all into merriment for the December 7 playing session. Peter promises an entertaining evening for all levels.  Keep reading to see what he has in mind….

May your holidays be filled with light and joy and ease of travel, wherever they may take you.

♥ ♥ ♥

Details about our next meeting: The Zoom link and the link to pdfs of scores and parts will be available on Friday, December 1. Occasionally, our team encounters a glitch which could result in a slight delay. If you can’t wait and want/need pdfs sent ASAP, please let me (Vicki) know. Additionally, please let me know if you need hard copies brought to the meeting, and for what size.

By now most of you have checked out our new venue, but for those who haven’t, the easiest and most direct entrance to our lovely downstairs space at Faith Lutheran is through the back door, in the alley between 18th and 19th Avenues. There is ample parking on the side streets in addition to the three or four marked slots in the alley. There is also a large parking lot, but that entrance is further from the space that we use, and the church asks that those glass doors not be left unlocked and unattended. We promise to be better about having signage out to lead you to the proper doors.

We will continue to have an air purifier running as well as keeping the back door ajar, so don’t forget an extra layer or two for your comfort.