Hello Everyone,

Living here in the Pacific Northwest I never thought I would utter these words, but Blessed be the Rain!  Inhaling deeply, smelling clean, fresh air, and seeing the trees clearly again seems almost like a privilege. It was even kind of fun getting soaked in a downpour! I hope you take every opportunity to get outside and breathe!  We’ve certainly been waiting a very long time.

For our November 4 hybrid meeting I thought it would be timely to play the stunning opening Sonatina from Bach’s Cantata #106.  Although the original manuscript is lost, the work is agreed to be one of his earliest cantatas, composed for a funeral during 1707/08 when Bach was organist of the Divi Blasii church in Mühlhausen, Germany.  This gorgeous cantata has since found a place in the liturgical calendar to commemorate All Saint’s Day on November 1 and it is a thrill to play in its entirety with choir and vocal soloists.  Originally scored for two alto recorders, two violas da gamba and basso continuo, this arrangement of the instrumental Sonatina by Daniel Harmer is sure to please.

The final movement of Cantata 106 praises and honors the glory of God and the afterlife, but transcriptions for recorder ensemble of that particular movement are not readily available; so I chose an alternative piece honoring these very same things!  I am excited to share Dr. Charles Wood’s Glory, and Honour and Laud, also splendidly arranged by Daniel Harmer for eight voice double choir.

We’ll wrap up the evening with the enchanting Badinerie from Bach’s Orchestral Suite #2, which will give alto players a nice workout!

All sizes of instruments from soprano on down to contra are welcome.  We are still limiting the number of in-person players to 20, and it helps me greatly to know how many are planning on attending.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

The Zoom Link and Pdfs for November 4 playing session will be sent on Monday, October 31.

In person attendees:

We can always use help schlepping chairs and various other accoutrements down from the choir loft.  Doors will open at 6:15.  Please plan to arrive in the sanctuary of Maple Leaf Lutheran Church with enough time to unpack and get settled so we can start promptly at 7:00 pm.  It is imperative that you please remember to send me an email no later than Wednesday prior to the Friday meeting with your intent to come and your desired part.  This is not only to make sure we have all parts covered, but also to ensure that we do not exceed our 20-person limit.  If you have previously attended in person and sent proof of vaccination, there is no need to send that again.  If this is your first time attending in person, please read and comply with our safety protocols:

In person meeting protocols

  • Email Vicki your intent to come and preferred recorder sizes.
  • Please stay home if you are not feeling well.
  • Email photo of vaccination card to Vicki if you haven’t already.
  • Masks are required when not playing.
  • No food allowed, but a water bottle is OK.
  • No blowing mouthpiece condensation outward, but “sucking” is OK!