Greetings everyone!  Reflecting on the events of our past season, I am flooded with gratitude, admiration, and respect for everyone involved in the Seattle Recorder Society.  Thank you all, dear members, for your support and dedication through this season as we cautiously emerged out of the pandemic’s grip.  Huge, resounding thanks to all the board members behind the scenes who help make this wonderful organization run smoothly.  Thank you current, past and future presidents, and to everyone who has helped schlepp chairs down from the choir loft at our meetings, to all the home Zoomers, for your patience with any sound glitches or other imperfections, to Mike for all the hours that go into editing this newsletter, to Virginia for tirelessly revamping our website, to Evy for the truly impressive and detailed summaries at board meetings and playing sessions, to Richard for expertly balancing our budget, to Laura for making sure our backroom gang is grounded and nurtured, to Hanan for your tireless help organizing our library bins, to Ingrid for sending out all our newsletters and extra announcements that I throw at you.  Final special thanks to Charles, for the countless years of web mastering, and to Peter for starting this chapter way back in the 1980s.  It is a pleasure and an honor to stand before all of you as your current music director.

Members’ Night

I am eager and excited to hear what everyone has planned for Members’ Night.  It is always a joy to hear and see your progress from year to year, and witness the variety, innovation and creativity that goes into the planning.  I especially love the courage of all those who step out of their comfort zone to perform in front of others if they are not used to doing so.  This year, the plan is to start the evening with all performers playing the lovely O Virgo Splendens (click here for a copy of the music) in canon.  My vision is that we can divide into three separate groups – one on either side of the pews, and one at the front.  The sound will be glorious in the space.  Details to all the involved players will be sent directly.  Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Registration for the Port Townsend Early Music Workshop, July 9 – 15, 2023 (held on the lovely campus of UPS in Tacoma) is now open!!  We are positively elated to be back in person for our 40th anniversary year.  For more information on our fabulously diverse faculty, how to register, how to download the class curriculum and more, go to our Port Townsend web page.

Leslie Uhlig came to our February meeting to show some of the recorders from her sister Laurel’s estate.  I recently had the opportunity to try the recorders, and they are all in excellent condition.  See pictures, descriptions, and prices here.